It's Phishing Attacks all the Way Down



Your profile and email address were found by our manager on one of the jobsearching websites for position of Wrapping Specialist.

We considered your details and want to offer you a flexible schedule position.

This offer is a part-time job with salary up to $3,000 per month.

On this job post your main duties will be:
- papers scanning
- shipping the correspondence
- checking items for damage
- run global delivery services
- arrange shipping and receiving timetables
- do reports and filling papers

Employment conditions:
- be 18+
- be legal in the US
- have a phone camera and a printer
- have good negotiation skills

To get more detailed information about our opening offer, please write us back.

You did not read my profile. Not one word of it.

Anyhow, I recommend these bits and pieces...

  • Ellsworth Kelly’s Studio, Just as He Left It - "I know there are stories written and movies about a room that someone never goes into, because someone has died and they want to leave it exactly the same way," he said. "I'm not sure whether it's a way of holding onto the person for as long as possible or a way to try to memorialize them in a particular way that they don’t feel is possible any other way." (The New York Times)
  • The New York Times Allowed an Anti-Choice Group to Write a Press Release on the Op-Ed Page - Mad about Bret Stephens? The Times sees that and respects your rage, choosing to double down on its decision to publish right-wing propaganda. Today, The Human Coalition’s Lori Szala would like you to know that women who get abortions are killers. (New Republic)
  • Why You Often Believe People Who See the World Differently are Wrong (PODCAST!) - [According to] famed psychologist Lee Ross, naive realism...leads you to believe you arrived at your opinions, political or otherwise, after careful, rational analysis through unmediated thoughts and perceptions. In other words, you think you have been mainlining pure reality for years, and...your intense study of the bare facts is what has naturally led to your conclusions. (You Are Not So Smart)

KARP - We Ate Sand (HQ w/ Lyrics)