Nothing In Boxes

If you narrow your scope sufficiently, there’s no end to what you don’t have to deal with.

Phil Klay, "The Citizen-Soldier"

The move is going well. I finally have everything unpacked. All of the rooms are more or less set up (I think). Except for the bedroom, which has been functioning as a staging area and general repository for clutter. I haven't hung my paintings and other artworks yet, either. I'm not sure where any of them are going. I have to free them all from their bubble-wrap cocoons and scatter them about like moon-drunk moths to see where they settle in before making any aesthetic decisions involving nails. By rights and common ritual, I should be done all this already. Heck, I even had a four-day weekend to sort the whole lot of it out! Instead, I wound up spending most of my time walking around the city taking photographs. It's a compulsion.

Over It