Chinese Lantern Festival

I went to Chinese Lantern Festival at Franklin Square this evening. It was expensive. Upon peeping the $17 admission fee, I initially decided to skip the show. Then I reconsidered. I moved to the city (in large part) in an effort to get out and do more. This qualified as more, so I went back to the ticket booth and ponied up the dough.

The lanterns were lovely. I especially enjoyed the various dragons. I don't think it was $17 worth of fun. It's kind of small, with only a dozen or so installations. The event may have been more aptly named Chinese Lantern Selfie Backdrops Festival, because you could hardly walk for all the people taking pictures of and with the exhibits. I wasn't much better.

My own camera was giving me some trouble. I acquired a Sony a6300 awhile ago and haven't acclimated to the controls quite yet. They're not implemented especially well, and I keep unwittingly messing with my camera settings. I wound up shooting a lot of photos at ISO 51,200 tonight. You read that right: 51,200. They're definitely noisy, but I like the look. It has character.

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