Heaven Help Me, I Tweeted

I haven't been posting much lately. I'm not sure what I've been doing instead, but I've been busy. Frequently, I've been busy doing nothing much at all and simply relaxing!

Given my reclusive nature and general avoidance of social media, this site has become, for many, one of the few relatively convenient means of keeping tabs on how I'm doing. But these days I don't often have the energy or desire to write proper entries worth sharing. Working on websites all day every day doesn't inspire me to spend a lot of my spare time updating and maintaining this website. I'd much rather be out in the warm sunshine while it's still around.

However, winter is on her way. In preparation, I am slowly but surely working on a new version of this here site that will be much easier to maintain, far more secure, cheaper to host, and more performant (i.e., faster). I'll be dropping Drupal as my content management system in favor of Gatsby JS. I would like to have the new site launched by the end of October. I don't know if I will meet that timeline, but I'm trying—a little.

In the meantime, I've re-enabled my Twitter account @ErikMadeThis. Twitter is every bit the dumpster fire I recall. So many people worked up about every little thing in one place. It's unhealthy. All the same, it's an easy and accessible way to let others know what I'm up to without having to dedicate so much time to all these words. I'll endeavor to make a few so-called tweets each day, so people know I'm okay.

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