All Aboard the Hedonic Treadmill

Well, the thing about a black hole, it's main distinguishing feature is it's black. And the thing about space, the color of space, your basic space color, is it's black. So how are you supposed to see them? (Holly, Red Dwarf)

I'm still around. I'm feeling much better lately, sort of. My recent health issues seem to have resolved themselves without any further ado. So that's great, but life still poses many lesser challenges.

Winter is looming, and it gets dark very early. I'm not at all fond of the lighting situation in winter. Today's sunset was at 4:38 PM. That's gratuitous. It sometimes feels as though it's always dark.

Work is very demanding right now. It will continue to be so for at least the next several weeks. I can't talk about it in any more detail, because I have the kind of job which involves a fair amount of what they call trade secrets. Don't worry, it will all be on the news soon enough.

In the evening hours, after working late as usual, and when I'm not too exhausted, I tinker around on a secret project. I can't tell you about the project yet, because then it wouldn't be mysterious. Also, I have my own trade secrets (which in no way run afoul of any intellectual property rights claimed by my employer).

On nights when I don't have energy left over for anything more worthwhile, I've been watching the Young Ones and Red Dwarf. They're always better than I remember.

As much as I'd like to complain ad nauseam, the truth is, things have never been better. Technically speaking, that is.

Cliff Richard - The Young Ones