Perhaps a Day of My Own

It's supposed to be cold and rainy today. I couldn't tell you for sure. I'm still in bed under the blankets at 9 a.m. I'll get up in a few moments. This is the last day of something like a four-day weekend for me, except I'm on call. I've had to do at least some work on each of my days off. I have opinions on that. It's otherwise been a good few days. I've managed to get most of my chores and errands done, visit with friends and family, meet a few new people, and even party it up a little in the process. What I haven't done yet is enjoy a day all to myself.

I'd like to make the best of this last free day. I'm undecided what this might entail. Do I get ahead on chores? There are quite a few minor "todos" in my personal backlog to get around to "someday", which may well be today. I could work on photos. I haven't done that in a while. I might study computer programming for a bit. It's important to stay sharp. Or I could lie in bed all day playing online chess and reading. These are all good options.

I'm going to wash up and see what happens.