Here We Go 'Round Again

It's November, rainy and grey. I've survived another year. It would be delusional to suggest I'm not growing worse for wear, but I'm still around. Twenty-Twenty has been an exhausting year. It grinds and grinds nonstop. Yet, somehow, even with the CORONA-19 plague and politics being as they are, this was not actually the worst year on record for me. I'm not sure that's a victory, but I'll pretend. The good news is that I'm still gainfully employed and enjoy a comfortable roof over my head. And the helicopters are gone. I can't express how rotten it is to have your neighborhood swarmed with news helicopters for weeks on end. But they've found some other area to harass—for now. I expect they'll be back soon, politics being as they are.

Note: YouTube was broken when I posted the song below, so if the video doesn't play, I guess you lucked out this time.

Georgia (2003 Digital Remaster)