At the End of an Era

When next I wake, my staycation will be officially over. Nine days went fast. Next time I'll be sure to take two or even three weeks off. A trip could be nice. Maybe there will be places to travel in the fall or early winter. It makes me sad that I have to return to work tomorrow. It's downright depressing that I have to go back to work without leaving the living room. My work isn't awful, exactly, but it's definitely a jobbish sort of job at this point, and I find the WFH lifestyle dreary. However, there is a plague to be considered, and the position provides me with money for food, shelter, and jingling around in my pockets. There's also the health insurance plan, which I like very much, though it could be better. All the same, I can't help feeling there's something more worthwhile I could be doing with my time.

Elvis Costello - Less Than Zero (Static Video)