I Drank Too Much

"I'm not a doctor. I'm a fucking moron...I'm not a respected source of information even for me."
               — Joe Rogan

I've overdone it on the coffee today. Cute baristas aside, I may have a caffeine problem. I tried abstaining from coffee and tea last weekend; the experiment did not go well. Saturday was fine. I missed the ritual of walking to the café and speaking to other human beings in person, albeit only a few words here and there, but otherwise, things were the same as usual. Sunday morning found me irascible, and by evening the sound of my own heartbeat was annoying me to no end. "Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump." Enough already! Come Monday, I suffered stabbing headaches throughout the day. Tuesday featured full-blown ocular migraines followed by iced coffee with extra cream. As for today, I've had three of them thus far (iced coffees, that is) and plan to leave it at that.

Often, when a person has a lot on their mind, it's easier to talk about some other more mundane matter instead, especially in a public space, and this blog counts as such, even if only a few people read it because you never know who might read it. Sometimes, like right now, that's okay because a person may have things on their mind that aren't fit for public consumption, but nor are they pressing or controversial or alarming, and maybe they don't even matter.

In conclusion, I've had a couple of gin and tonics to take the edge off all that coffee as I luxuriate on this lovely summer afternoon. I'm supposed to visit with family in a couple of hours. The booze will have worn off by then, likely leaving me smelling funny and a bit drowsy.

Get vaccinated.

cowboy junkies - blue moon revisited (a song for elvis)