It All Happened Yesterday

With much flashing and crashing, a late-night storm has pushed off the oppressive heat we'd been suffering through all week. The morning cool is welcome, though grey skies and persisting humidity have put me in a somber mood. Fortunately, I've taken two weeks off from work, which leaves me plenty of time to cheer up.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do over the next fifteen days. I had considered taking a trip to somewhere random, but COVID-19 is surging again, as one would expect given the nature of the disease coupled with the grievously selfish behavior of our friends and neighbors. It's just as easy to stay home as I don't have anything I especially want to see or do right now anyway. Perhaps I'll have another go at learning to play the guitar.

Anyhow, get vaccinated.

Cuz it's vacation time brothaz!