I've Got Them COVID-Crazies

Everything is crowding in on me: being in my apartment all day crowds in on me; being outside in the summer heat and the way it clings to the skin crowds in on me; conversation, the repetitiveness of subject matter and the need to have them at all, crowds in on me; my todo list with its never-ending stream of things that ought to be done crowds in on me; notification after effing notification from my phone crowds in on me; the ceaseless stream of awful news coming in from every direction crowds in on me; and beneath it all, a droning anxious boredom crowds in on me. It’s exhausting, so I take naps throughout the day, only to later find myself repeatedly waking throughout the night, which makes me even more tired the next day, and things spiral out of control from there.

I suppose things sound bleak when I put them like that, but that’s not true. Granted, civilization is grinding to a halt before our eyes, but I feel like I’m handling it pretty well, aside from being a little stir-crazy. Thus far, the Apocolypse has been relatively kind to me, which is undoubtedly an accounting oversight soon to be corrected.

Get vaccinated.

The Summer - Yo La Tengo