Something About My Eyes

I went to the ophthalmologist on Thursday. I had my eyeballs imaged this time. I'm not sure what that's going to cost me when the bill arrives. My recent hearing test looks set to put me back ~$550 even after my health insurance chips in twice that much. This country needs to do something about a lot of things, and the cost of basic medicine is near the top of the list.

Fortunately, despite increasing presbyopia, moderate dry eye syndrome, and a minor floater, which the doctor thinks should resolve by itself over time, my eyes appear to be otherwise very healthy. My retina, macula, and blood vessels looked great. The macula is so tiny for such an important structure!

I came away from the office with a couple of new recommendations for reading glasses adjustments. The plan is to stick with OTC until I find a strength (or two) that works for me and then upgrade to prescription lenses. We've collectively decided to not correct for my astigmatism because I hate it every time we try. These new numbers are working out so far. The cheap lenses are shoddy, but my eyes don't hurt so much all the time now. And I think I can actually read books again. I'm going to try doing that now, if I can bring myself to shut off this damn computer.

The Fall - Blindness (2005)