Pepper and Egg Sandwiches, Hold the Bread

You ok? Weird FB post. Commentary or should I call you?
        —My Mom

Over the last few months, I have been using social media again. I'm not especially chatty, being short on small talk and preferring to spend my time chain-smoking scrolling through the feeds marveling at how I already saw all of this stuff the last time I had a cigarette scrolled through these same feeds, which had to be at least 5 minutes ago. Oh, look, I'm scrolling through the feeds again. And then there are those Reels on Facebook, of which I absolutely must watch at least 20 or 30 in a sitting, despising each clip more than the last. The smoking metaphor truly is apt.

Social media is a strange universe in which the masses generate so-called content, not because they have something to get off their breasts, but instead, they seem compelled to participate in the tremendous din of the hive mind for fear of being left out. Which I suppose isn't all that strange based on basic Sociology, Psychology, and Instagram models. Maybe the odd part is that social media allows you to observe groupthink and collective compulsion operating in populations at scale in real time.

Not me though; I'm different. I imagine myself to hold many reasoned opinions and thoughts on matters of great importance to no one but in desperate need of expression, so I write them down where I can find them again later. If it's solely for my own sake, you might argue that I needn't scrawl them about on the internet for peeping Tom's and agents of espionage to peruse. To that, I say, oh my fug; I have so many journals. Years and years of them. Of course, I won't allow you to read those, because they're boring. It's essential to work out your material before taking it on the road. Essential.

At any rate, nothing to see here; ALL of my FB posts are weird.

The Strokes - Hard To Explain (Official Music Video)