Too Much Computers

I'm trying to migrate away from the casual use of computers. As a bona fide computer professional, my daily screen time is ridiculous. I probably waste at least as much of my life in the digital realm as you, but I then spend an additional 40 hours a week staring at a computer for a living. It would be reasonable to estimate I spend 12 hours or more a day in front of a screen, on average, and that's not counting the television. It's too much, so I'm trying to cut it back dramatically.

Already, I can't help noticing the pace of my day slows considerably when I'm not filling the quiet moments with up-to-the-second news briefs on the fall of Western Civilization or hammering Ctrl+R on social media. I don't know what I'll do with the recaptured time. Most of my hobbies and interests revolve around screens. I'd like to read more, but my eyes haven't adapted well to switching between one prescription for computer screen distances and another for books. Maybe taking more breaks from the computer will help. I'm making an appointment with a cornea specialist later this week. She has a machine that makes magic eye drops out of your own blood!

Little Eyes