Invertor compressor trouble (HIC PCB)

It's 9:30 AM, and the temperature outside has already reached 87℉ with a dew point of 64℉. The forecast for today predicts 93℉ by lunchtime and 99℉ by late afternoon. Naturally, my air-conditioner is on the fritz.

Something is wrong with the compressor — or the electronics that monitor the compressor — which causes the device to shut down in hopes of preventing damage. The air-conditioner runs fine for hours at a time or crashes every 15 to 20 minutes without warning. I've set the thermostat to 80℉ in an attempt to reduce the strain on the machine. Hopefully, it can hang on for a couple more days until the heat breaks.

I can't imagine how long it will take to get someone out to look at the unit. The current heatwave covers the entire planet. All of it. HVAC technicians must be having a moment. I imagine they spend their evenings rolling in piles of sweaty money. I have confidence it will be fixed at some point, but even if the landlord can get a tech out first thing tomorrow morning (which seems unlikely), the odds are good he'll have to order parts and won't be back for at least a week or more to install them.

Worse yet, there are no HVAC technicians certified to repair Global Warming, nor any replacement parts on order for the environment. This particular heatwave will pass in a few more days, and we'll have forgotten all about it by the first snowfall, but the effects will carry forward, growing more formidable year over year, until there is a phase transition. I don't know what that phase transition will be, but I have grave doubts about humanity making it out the other side.

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