Every Day Is Like Super Bowl Sunday

As I type this, the Philadelphia Iggles are playing the Kansas City We Still Have Names Like This in a game of American football.

The match winners will be awarded a fancy soup tureen and enjoy accolades and homecoming parades. Meanwhile, the losing team will be confronted with unbearable civic shame. They will be ostracized, expelled from their city, forced to live out the off-season at various luxury beach resorts. A miserable 30 weeks of pampering, decadence, and debauchery, but don't pity them for such a fate. They knew what they were getting into. In life, there are consequences.

No matter the outcome, I'm confident Philadelphia will live up to its reputation as a mild-mannered city of reserved (some might even argue repressed) sports enthusiasts, and this evening will be quiet. After all, we have work in the morning. I only hope no one has been drinking.