Once More Around the Block

It's official; I renewed my lease. I'm two doors off the corner for another year, Fortuna willing.

It wasn't my first choice, but I didn't have a first choice or a lot of energy to look around for one, so here we are again. Well, not we. I. Here I am. It's cool. Next year, though, I'm moving for the sake of it. It's arbitrary.

I always strive to be slightly out of my comfort zone. That might sound crazy. Maybe it is, but I'm happier there. I used to sleep on a pile of worn futon mattresses that people gave me because I had no money to buy used futons for myself. No matter how high I stacked them, they were all lumps and hard floors. My current bed-in-a-box cost me nearly two grand. The futons were better.

The things we imagine will make us happy seldom do. That said, I'm in love with my new X-T5. It is my dream camera. We'll talk more about that soon.

I Hold The Sound