Oh, But Maria, It Was Spring Today

A couple of women came calling at noon. I could hear them ring each and every buzzer in the building, starting on the first floor and making their way upwards. I poked my head out the window and spied the two of them holding leaflets. I was initially concerned they were here to make me vote for someone, but after a brief back and forth, it came to be known they were officemates with my landlord, who hadn't shown up for work at her day job, nor was she answering texts, phone, or email.

Her apartment is above mine, so I ran upstairs to check on the situation. I found her at the top step. It was immediately clear she was no longer with us. I nevertheless attempted to rouse her vocally and checked for a pulse and any signs of breathing. She had been gone for some time.

The hearse left around 2:30; her spirit vacated the building about 30 minutes later. I'm generally not one to believe such notions, viewing them as superstitious at best, but it was a clear and distinct sensation.

She was kind, responsible, and about as good a landlord as one could hope for. I mourn her.

After Hours (Mono Single)