Overing the Morn' and Onto Noon

This morning finds me tired with a touch of hangover. A gentle touch. I was up late watching art documentaries and drinking strong beer.1 I must redouble my sleep hygiene efforts and return to the old "no booze, caffeine, food, screens, or anything remotely fun before bed" routine, as I haven't been sleeping well in general. Stress and that sort of thing. Work has been . . . shall we say . . . out of control. The good news is I'll be working this weekend. Possibly next weekend as well. Wait a second. That's not good news at all! I don't get paid extra for working weekends!!2 And there are chores in need of doing. Always the chores!!!

Over the next two days, I need to tidy my apartment, water most of my many plants, properly clean the bathroom and fridge, figure out why my phone isn't charging reliably, code a stable, enterprise-ready authentication integration using React with Typescript, and somehow work in some relaxation to reduce my presumably toxic stress levels.

I figured I'd get the relaxing part out of the way and over with by spending the morning loafing in bed. In urgent want of a means of productive procrastination, I decided a new blog post was long overdue and absolutely must be written, sorta-kinda edited, and published for the whole world to overlook before I even consider putting on my pants for the day. And here it is, with footnotes even.

  1. I don't understand why the tastiest beers are 6.9% ABV and above nowadays. It's too much.
  2. We can usually recoup the time, however.

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