About This Website

My name is Erik Smith, and Sitting In Oblivion is my blog.

I started this site in early 2006 at the suggestion of a friend. You might expect to see a lot more content after 8 years, but I have a somewhat regrettable habit of deleting the entire site and starting over from scratch every several years. I'm not sure why, exactly. A mood comes over me and everything has to go. The last great site death and resurrection was on July 16th, 2013. This most recent incarnation represents a paring down of the site to a few essential elements.

Firstly, every single entry features a single photograph by me. Photography has been a serious hobby of mine for many years. You'd think I'd be better at it by now. I've got a weird aesthetictaste, I guess. It's a little tangy with hints of must.

Secondly, every entry has some sort of writing about a matter that was of interest to me at that moment. It could be a quick thought, or a snippet from a song or overheard conversation, or maybe a couple of paragraphs about my day or something strange I found while randomly researching topics for no good reason. These writings may often seem cryptic, but you shouldn't read too deeply into them for hidden meaning. It's mostly poetic effect and affectation.

Thirdly, every entry has (or had) some music associated with it. I am a big music nerd who is into all kinds of mostly unpopular music. I've been like that for nearly as long as I can remember. Of course, with copyrights being as they are, I can't host these recordings here at Sitting in Oblivion. Instead, I link to those songs I can find already hosted on YouTube. You can jump to the song for a given entry by clicking the big ol' song of the day link at the bottom of each page. YouTube has a habit of taking songs down after awhile, copyrights being as they are, so some links may become dead-ends and older posts may not have music associated with them anymore. C'est la vie (which is French for it is what it is).

In conclusion, I'm too sleepy to write a closing paragraph tying this all together. Enjoy the site. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions unrelated to selling me goods and services.

Good night.

Meditation Music (I 've Told you,sit relax)