Let Me Tell You About My Watch

I have a watch. It is a Timex. They, Timex, long ago, went by the motto, "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking." True to the slogan, this watch is pretty tough. You can't submerge it in water though. Nothing is quite as good as it was before everything came from China. Even China isn't what it used to be. Water aside, it's a pretty tough watch otherwise. I bang, bash, and drop it often and a lot, and the Timex keeps on ticking, loudly.

At night I keep the watch on my dresser. Even across the room, I can hear the damn thing ticking. The other night I was so tired from traveling that I somehow managed to fall asleep while wearing the noisy timepiece. Its ticking invaded my dreams, one after the other, throughout the night. Eventually I even dreamed of hearing the watch in my dreams. In this particular dream, I was awakened by the watch ticking so loudly it was invading my dreams. Exasperated, I booted up my laptop and went online in search of a replacement that might not tick quite so loudly. I wound up purchasing a smartwatch of a brand that exists only in the dreamworld. I don't recall the name.

This evening, as I sat reading quietly and listening to the infernal ticking of the tell-tale Timex, enough became enough. I hopped online and ordered a Pebble. I decided on the Pebble because of its vibrating alarm feature. I also like that it doesn't do all that ticking. I'm not at all sure what will happen when I lick it.

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