It's Not You. It's Me. Actually, It's Not Me Either.

I’ve stepped up to the microphone and I’ve said I want the world to know that this thing is happening in my life.

You said that, apparently

I did it again. Well, sort of. I was going to delete my Facebook account yet once more but thought somewhat better of the idea and instead only disabled it. Those who know me or have been reading this blog for awhile are no doubt familiar with my general contempt for Facebook and social media in general. I have many reasons for disliking the site as a service and cultural practice and air my grievances well more than enough. I was going to reiterate a few of those reasons here, but instead I'll just cut to the chase and tell you where the last straw lay. Truth be told, I don't like your friends and family.

Obviously I don't mean to say I inherently dislike all of your friends and family. But there are a lot of you, and you all have a lot of friends and family. Normally I would never meet these people except maybe in passing on rare occasion. Or maybe we'd travel in the same circles but avoid one another whenever possible. When obliged to spend time together, we'd likely keep our interactions limited to pleasantries and smalltalk. That's how it should be. It keeps the peace. Unfortunately, on Facebook, there we all are, trapped in a virtual room together, and nobody will shut up for 10 minutes, myself included. It's too much.

I've only been unplugged from Facebook for a few days, but these days have been much better days. It's not like the days before were awful or anything, but these days are markedly better. From now on I'm going to leave my Facebook turned off, except for when I want to announce an especially riveting new blog post or check on something in particular. If you want to keep up with all my blog updates, follow me on Twitter, or, if perhaps Chris Moody's statements give you the heebie-jeebies, you can join this mailing list for updates instead (be sure to check your inbox for an opt-in confirmation message).

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