On The Measure of All Things Micro

My micro USB drive is tiny. It barely extends 1/8 of an inch beyond the USB port when plugged into my laptop. As small as it is, it still manages to store 16 Gig of data. I only paid maybe $15 for it. Technology really has gotten amazing, albeit a bit wasteful.

I wish we had gone metric back in the '70s and '80s, because then I wouldn't have to say silly things like "1/8 of an inch" and coffee would be sold in grams. It takes about 30 grams of ground beans to make 2 @ 8oz cups of coffee. There are a little over 453 grams in a pound, which does not divide evenly by 30. If coffee were sold in grams, there wouldn't be that little pile of beans left over to go stale while you get around to picking up more. None of this matters to the current discussion, but I'm leaving it in anyway.

What matters here is the micro USB drive is tiny. It's so tiny, in fact, that I had considerable fears about losing it. I'd prefer to leave it plugged into my laptop at all times for the sake of convenience. Unfortunately, tiny as it may be, the micro USB drive pokes out just enough to prevent my laptop from fitting into any of my various bags and carrying-cases. I'm well-known to have a weakness for stylish bags and carrying-cases, but that's a tangent for another post.

Since leaving it plugged in all the time isn't feasible, given the bag situation, I had to find a place to store the little drive where it would be safe and not get lost. I specifically recall saying to myself, "This is a good, safe place where I'll be able to find it again later." Only I was wrong, because I have no idea where I put the darn thing.

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