Pigment Blue 79

I'm up too late nursing beers and listening to music. My thing for tonight is the Ike Reilly Assassination. That's a band. I first noticed them on a beautiful young woman's t-shirt. I figured by her haircut she probably has good taste in music. Beautiful young people with edgy haircuts tend to know a thing or two about what's worth listening to (even if Keith Richards and Pink don't think so), so I looked Ike Reilly up. I've listened to Sparkle in the Finish three times in a row tonight. It's a great album. All the same, I'm sure my neighbors are growing tired of hearing it, so I've broken out my old Austrian-made AKG K240 headphones. They still sound amazing. I'm listening to a couple of other albums now. I don't think they're as strong as Sparkle, but they're still pretty good. When I'm younger again, I'm going back to chasing pretty young women with cool haircuts.