Ruminating on Vomiting

This morning, as I negotiated the obstacle course of drying vomit and dog poop which is Philadelphia, it occurred to me that I haven't puked in a very long time. I'm not exactly sure when it was I last threw up, but I'm thinking maybe 10 years or more ago. At some point in my younger days I must have sworn never to drink so much again and accidentally held to the oath. That's reasonably normative Western human development for you. Kudos for me.

The more interesting thing is that I also haven't been sick with a bug or a flu in such a way as to make me get sick in ages, which is pretty awesome, if you consider it for a moment. And yet, in all these years, I've probably only appreciated my impressive vomit-free streak perhaps a half-dozen times, and even then only in passing. I suppose there are more compelling matters to concern myself with than the state of not being ill in one particular way (or another). But perhaps the occasional meditation on the experience of being reasonably healthy is worthwhile. It's far too easy to take not having to puke for granted.

All that said, tourists and college kids, while you're still learning to hold your liquor, please utilize the nearest dark alley to sort yourself out, like every other self-respecting souse. Amateurs.

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