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Today, I received notice that I'm officially registered to vote in my current hometown. I'm registered with the county, but in the last few years (in between elections) I've moved out of state, then moved back in again, but changed towns. The polling locations differ by township and district and all that, so I made sure to update my address with the county clerk's office. If you haven't registered to vote in your hometown, it may or may not be too late. It depends on which state you live in..

Registering to vote, if you still can, is one of those things you shouldn't put off. I'm not going to suggest who you should vote for or against. But, I have watched all three presidential debates and the vice-presidential debate. It is my opinion that this is one of those elections in which you should probably vote. Even if you have to suck it up and vote for someone you don't love.

Or don't bother. What do I care? There are plenty of tech jobs in Europe and Asia.

The Freshies - I Can't Get Bouncing Babies By The Teardrop Explodes (1981)

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