Well, Well, Would You Look at All the Time?

I haven't been using the World Wide Web much these last couple of days—not the social media part of it, anyway. I've been trying to focus on accomplishing the more mundane challenges of life, such as writing this blog post, doing laundry, ironing said laundry, keeping the apartment clean, exercising, paying bills on time, and so forth. I'm compulsively terrible about all these things. I'm great at playing computer though. It's all I can do to stop myself from playing computer from the moment I wake in the morning, straight through until I pass out from exhaustion in the evening. This doesn't leave time for much else.

I have found that, if I can keep myself from looking at Facebook or Reddit, my screen time drops off dramatically for the day. It's not just my time spent on Facebook, Reddit, and their respective outbound links that's reduced. The total time I dedicate to recreational use of all other websites plummets, including streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. And, voilà!, I suddenly have more time to do these things I ought to be doing. Although, it still remains to be seen whether or not I'll actually do them.

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