It's About Attitude

I often encounter a particular young woman. I can't tell if she likes me or not. It doesn't actually matter either way, but I definitely would prefer she did. She is super cute, that's for sure. More importantly, she radiates kindness and goodness. It is a pleasure to be in her company, even if only for a few moments at a time, as chance sees fit to dole them out.

I envy her disposition. It's not as though I am of the miserable sort myself. But I certainly do not radiate kindness and goodness like she does. I honestly don't know what my own fundamental personality traits happen to be. Stoic and aloof, maybe? Stoic and aloof are not nearly as charming as kindness and goodness. She almost always seems happy too.

It's probably a bit late in life for me to make any major personality overhauls, even if it would do me well to do so. Or maybe not. I'm no expert.

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