I Survived 2016 (GMT-5)!!!

It looks as though I may have survived 2016 (GMT-5). It was not the best year, historically speaking, but it wasn't the worst yet either. I'm definitely eyeing up 2017 with considerable apprehension. However, despite boasting far too many current events for its own good, this past year did treat me pretty well as an individual. (Mostly.) I am grateful for that. (Mostly.)

Twenty Seventeen looks worrisome, but perhaps we can take heart in the fact of fortunetelling being highly unreliable (as the dark arts go) and Futurism not much better. Maybe it will be a great year in the end, come the hindsight of 2018. (Somehow.) We mortals have little choice but to forge ahead into the storm of oncoming tomorrows, whatever bullshit they may bring to bear. Personally, if I were us, I'd buy a few guns, just in case.

Here's hoping it won't be too bad.


In a secretive and cryptic but particular order, here are my goals & resolutions for 2017...*

  1. Do my best not die or otherwise come to great harm. (No promises.)
  2. Learn to play guitar, for real this time.
  3. Launch a Sitting in Oblivion responsive, mobile-friendly, redesign.
  4. Unplug from social media.
  5. Pay off all (my own) debt.
  6. Read 30 books.
  7. Increase my circle of friends.
  8. Be more Buddhist-ish and meditate more often too.
  9. Establish and keep to a regular fitness regimen.
  10. Paint one dozen paintings.
  11. Up my photography by 2. Two, that is.
  12. Eat fewer animal products and more vegetables.
  13. Watch ZERO TED talks.

*Why am I telling you my resolutions and birthday wishes? Well, mostly because this is a blog and oversharing the boring details of one's smug little life is what the format is all about. Some people say making your goals public inspires you to stick to them more adamantly than you otherwise might if you had kept your business to yourself. Others argue the exact opposite, and say that sharing your goals makes it far less likely you will actually carry them through. If history is anything to go by, I might do about half of the things on this list, whether I shared them or not.

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