Let's Talk About Obamacare, My Health Insurance, and CVS

My pharmacy called to let me know my health insurance provider would not cover my so-called maintenance medications, because they (my so-called health insurance provider) require I get my drugs mail-ordered through CVS. I, in turn, called my health insurance provider to find out what this mess was all about.

Me: My pharmacy is telling me I have to get my maintenance medication through CVS mail-order or you won't cover them?

Sean Spicer: Not true. You can get your prescriptions filled at ANY pharmacy. But, for some medications, we require you go through a mail-order service managed by CVS.

ME: But...

Sean Spicer: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

ME: I'm going to hang up on you now.

Next, I call my doctor's office. The front end staff are all like, "WTF?," and rolling their eyes so hard I can hear it over the phone. I give them Sean Spicer's number, and they tell me they'll take care of it.

No one calls to let me know if things have been sorted out, or when I should expect my prescriptions to arrive. Not my doctor's office. Not CVS's mail-order service. Not my insurance company. Radio silence. In the meantime, I've got nothing but empty pill bottles and an asthma inhaler running on E.

I figure it's probably better if I have a few prescriptions filled, even if I have to pay out of pocket. Two hundred and then some monies later and I still don't have a new inhaler, because that would be another two hundred dollars all on its own, and one is already coming in the mail. Maybe? Whenever.

I think you folks hellbent against The Obamacare (aka, The Affordable Care Act, aka ACA) aren't thinking things through. If anything, the Affordable Care Act's chief failing is that it isn't aggressive enough. These insurance and pharma companies don't care about you one iota. They care about making monies. Lots and lots of monies. If you doubt that for one second, you're a sucker.

And screw you CVS and everyone on your board for even entering into these kinds of exclusivity agreements. I'll certainly never buy anything from you in the future, unless, of course, my health insurance provider requires me to do so.

Anyhow, various doctors assure me I'm not dying, but I'm not so convinced.

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