What Ever Have I Done?

I'm drunk, I'm drunk
And you're probably on pills
       —Keep Yourself Warm, Frightened Rabbit

I've moved the entertainment center to a different wall; that's what I've done. It was fine where it was for years. Except it always had a glare on it. In the daytime, the glare came in from the windows, while at night, the glare came from the recessed lighting overhead. I wasn't bothered by any of that before, because I seldom used the television. Things have changed.

Philadelphia has been on Corona-shutdown for months. The last several weeks of which have featured a heatwave along with awful humidity. So, I've started using my television. Mostly I stream online courses and training materials to my Apple TV, freeing up the desktop computer for taking notes and checking email. I've even been using my gaming system to play Skater XL a bit. All of a sudden, glare became a big problem. The only solution was to move the TV.

There are two cable receptacles installed in the living room, which (after accounting for the orientation of the pocket lights) leaves me with two walls against which I can reasonably position the entertainment center without catching reflections or running cables all over the place. Moving the entertainment center required that I rotate the sofa to face the TV's new location. Rotating the sofa, in turn, squeezed my desk out of position. Moving the desk required the purchase of an expensive soundproofing panel attachment (so as not to annoy the neighbors with "Attorney-Client Privileged" industrial secrets) and relocating three bookshelves! And so, and so on.

The apartment is a wreck with books and piles of dust stacked everywhere alongside cairns of bric-a-brac. I've been working on getting it all back together for days. The ordeal has been a quiet sort of nightmare. Unless, maybe, you're the girl downstairs. In which case it's a very noisy sort of nightmare. The bad news for both of us is there's plenty more work to be done.

The good news for me is that I can now more easily look out of the window from my desk while I'm at work, which is nice.

Frightened Rabbit - Nothing Like You