On My Eyes and Me

After months of struggle, my eyes finally feel much better for having forced myself to wear the new glasses for hours and hours until my eyes watered, all the while refusing to switch back to my previous prescription even though the old glasses felt far more comfortable. Surprisingly, another big help has been disabling dark mode on most of my apps. My chronic eyestrain and dry eye, while not resolved, are well under control after only about a week of switching back to normal mode. It turns out dark mode isn't necessarily great for people with astigmatism or dyslexia. I'm finding light mode along with reduced monitor brightness to be much easier on my eyes.

My "365Erik" project is going well. I think I've decided to go with SmugMug over Flickr for hosting my One Photo Every Day project. The SmugMug file management tools and web design aren't as nice, but I like the image organization tools better. I don't know how I'll manage a new photo upload every single day into the future, but so far, I haven't missed a day. The microblog at micro.blog is going okay, too, but that's a long-game project. We'll see what comes of it in a few years. I'm not so sure about the @ErikSmith365 idea, though. Twitter is a toxic place and highly habit-forming. Still, I do enjoy the skateboarding videos and photography posts from magazines like Aperture, Magnum, etc. I'll give it two more weeks before deciding to keep or delete the account.

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