Lazy Sunday Mornings Into Moody Afternoon

I'm having a lazy Sunday morning under the blankets. The temperature is supposed to reach 57°F today, which seems unseasonably warm by my recollection, but according to the chart, 53°F is the normal high for Philadelphia this time of year, so it must be the blanket.

My 365Erik daily photo project is going well in that I haven't missed a day yet. And I'm still doing my microblog, though the automated Twitter connectivity stopped working. I've decided rather than hassle to fix it, I'll disable the feature and not worry about Twitter, because that's easiest for me. I've given up trying to talk sense into the universe and now seek only to get by as best as I can.

P.S. If you subscribe to get email updates and want to send me a reply, contact me directly. I get your replies to the newsletter, but I think my replies to your replies loop directly back to me without ever being sent to you.

Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything