My Most Clever Titles About Procrastination Have All Been Taken by Other Blogs

I'm procrastinating. I don't even have much to do today, but I want to do anything and everything else for some reason. I think the problem is that my apartment is chilly, I have a fair amount of wet work planned, e.g., cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and I don't want to peel off the many layers of clothing I've got on only to then get wet as well. I know I will be more comfortable when the apartment is tidy. I appreciate orderly and spotless surroundings, but I am no fan of the chores involved in maintaining such an environment. Still, it's important to me to keep things reasonably neat, especially with a plague going around. Getting sick and becoming trapped in a messy apartment would be extra miserable for me. I'm resorting to working on random chores for 20 minutes at a time, followed by "resting" for 10 or 20 minutes (maybe an hour?). This here post was a rest period in which I've done my best to talk myself into getting up and at 'em. I'm not sure if it worked or not.

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