As One Might Expect

I'm taking a sick day. I may need two. I started sneezing and coughing on Sunday morning. Ragweed pollen is high, so I took allergy medicine, which ended the sneezing, but by evening I was feeling a proper malaise with fatigue, burning sinuses, and aching joints. Today finds me run down and stiff with a sore throat and 99.9°F temperature. I've taken two DIY COVID-19 tests, which didn't detect any. It's not bad, but I'll probably need a day or two of rest.

Fortunately, ubiquitous, hassle-free delivery makes dealing with a minor cold or flu much easier than it used to be. Someone will deliver whatever you need right to your doorstep within a few hours. Although, you can't pay them enough to ring the doorbell when they arrive. While ordering some groceries, I kept adding fresh vegetables and staple ingredients to my cart out of habit. I repeatedly reminded myself that I don't have the energy for practical cooking. Instead, I'll manage on ramen noodles, vanilla cream cookies, and gelato for the next couple of days.

SATANS RATS-you make me sick

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