Around and Around and Around and Around

A darkness shining in brightness which brightness could not comprehend.
                 — Ulysses, James Joyce

It's November again, which means I've had yet another birthday. I've been through dozens upon dozens of them, each arriving quicker than the last. They seem to be getting warmer each year as well. It was 25°C and humid today, which is around 76°F and humid. I'm feeling run down, as though I may be getting sick, but it might be the weird weather, the Zyrtec, the pointless changing of the clocks, a mild case of the olds, or maybe I'm eating too much Peposo and need to dry out with some broccoli and sprouts for awhile. My top goal for this year is to prioritize my own mental and physical health and well-being and cultivate those habits required for long-term maintenance of the same, no matter how tedious these habits may be. And they are tedious; that's for sure. If there's anything more boring than a plank, I've not yet encountered it.

Dr. Suzanne Mattox, PhD